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..unfortunately, we live in a time when honesty is not a fundamental way of life.. People have been covicted in recent times of organising and taking part in systematic fraud against insurance companies by 'Staging' accidents..


At the end of the day, it is all paid for by honest and careful drivers by increased insurance premiums.

By ftting a dash-cam, you will not only be protecting yourself from false accusations, you'll also have immediate and insant evidence at your finger-tips to prove that it wasn't your fault.

The advantages of Dash-Cams..

  • ..continuous recording of your journey..

  • ..immediate evidence in the event of an incident..


  • ..protection against false accusations..


  • ..Immediate evidential value of your recorded journey..


  • ..protection in case's of road rage..
  • ..Taxi Driver's ability to have Duel Lens units giving both internal and external protection..
  • ..GPS tracking, G-sensor on available models..
  • ..replayable via micro SD card onto computer and/or other external monitor..
  • ..image capture, image print..
  • ..date/time imprinted onto recordings..
  • ..complete set-up prior to despatch..
  • ..dedicated technical helpline..
  • ..full no-quibble refund..



U.S.A., Canada, & South America - Please contact our U.S.A. Partners on sales@dash-cams.biz




Due to large number of models and the large amount of stock that we hold, the price's displayed are for basic models.

For a more comprehensive price list, contact us or email us at : sales@dash-cams.biz for the United Kingdom & Europe, and

Sales@dash-cams.biz for the U.S.A., Canada & South America.




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